Getting set up for the new puppy/dog.

I decided it would be easier to put all the information here about what I feed etc., since I always get asked this.

I feed Nature’s Domain from Costco. It is very similar to Taste of the Wild.  Both are made by Diamond Pet Foods, even though Nature’s Domain is a Kirkland brand. The important thing being is that they are both grain free. Grains are not needed by dogs and tend to cause them allergies and skin issues.  Nature’s Domain can only be found at Costco and only comes in a large size bag.  I also supplement with raw dog food as well. My go to brand being Smallbatch. I was introduced to this several years ago and have been very happy with it. Not easy to find in stores all the time but, I found a local distributor in Stockton. I will include the link to the website and if you want my local distributors name and phone number drop me an email or text.  The first link is just a photo of the product I use. They have frozen raw of different types and also freeze dried.  The second link takes you to the frozen raw page on their site. I also sometimes use Stella & Chewy’s which is freeze dried. I often find it at my local feed store for a good price and it’s great when you are traveling, because you don’t have to keep frozen.  It’s pretty easy to find online at Amazon(or google it) or in Petsmart, Petco etc. Also, I have really come to like Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Freeze Dried. My daughter found this and I tried it, and the dogs love it! I have been adding it to the Nature’s Domain dry food along with warm water. It’s rated very high on the Dog Food Advisor website.

I added another link for a new food I recently tried and feel is a great option for some. Please check out the link for NOMNOM below!

Stella & Chewy’s Freeze Dried Chicken Dinner Patties

Grandma Lucy’s Artisan Grain-Free Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Food


If you do go 20160825_112357to Costco, pick up some coconut oil.  I included20170105_134848 a photo of that too. It’s best to get organic, cold pressed & unrefined coconut oil. I add this to every meal for my dogs, about a 1/2 teaspoon. This idea came from the nice lady at Nature’s Farmacy. When I had a young min pin with demodectic mange that turned into a horrible yeast infection (she was almost bald) she advised me to do this along with also putting it on her skin and feeding her only raw. Cleared up quickly without the use of medications or chemicals dips. Oh and also, I almost forgot, the addition of  probiotics was key to her recovery!





I also used a neem shampoo on her along with a medicated (naturally), lotion/conditioner. I will also include photos of these since this is now what I always use to bathe my dogs. Link below.


Cain & Able Conditioner Peppermint

This is the size and type of crate I typically use for my Min Pins:

An exercise pen is useful to keep your puppy contained while not being supervised and to help with potty training as they are not ready to spend too much time in crate without needing to relieve themselves.

There are several different types of exercise pens to chose from. Make sure your puppy can’t climb out of it. I have a cover to keep them from climbing out.

When you come to visit my home to see the puppies you will notice that there is a “potty box” in their pen. I train my puppies to use a litter box and this gives them a great head start in the housetraining process. It’s also convenient when its raining outside. Although it’s best if you can get puppies used to the rain at an early age so they don’t mind going out in the rain to relieve themselves.  You can buy a dog litter pan or just a shallow storage box of similar size. You could also skip buying the litter at a pet store where you will surely pay 2 to 3 times more than you should for it. I buy mine at OSH, wood pellets used for pellet stoves. They carry them year around.  *Turns out my local OSH is out of stock until the cooler season – I found Horse Pine Pellets at Tractor Supply for even cheaper:

Everyone asks me about the “sleeping bags” or beds that I have for my dogs. I get mine from Critterbeds. I love their products. They usually have a booth at the dog shows but you can order online too. check out some of their great stuff!:

I always buy my leashes from Lisa at All Hounds Apparel. The martingale leashes are perfect for those escape artist Min Pins. I don’t recommend using a harness on Min Pins as they can easily back out of them and get away, to their own determent. The 1/2″ collar is usually the best fit for Min Pins.

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